Where it all began…well for us anyway!

It started with a conversation around the dinner table at my parents house. A conversation about an article that my mum had read about an Island made of plastic… “A what now?” ” An Island made entirely of plastic rubbish that has ended up in the sea, it’s all caught up in the ocean currents and collects in this one place in the ocean and it has formed this island of plastic.”
(We now know there is a bit more to it than that, and it is not an island as such but more of a plastic soup. Sadly that there is not just one of these but several. But at the time they were the ‘facts’ we had.)
“No one will clean it up” she continued. “Because apparently by making any effort to clean it up that country then admits responsibility for it and no-one wants to do that!”
Well from there, we started putting the world to rights, – as you do in close company when there is absolutely no danger of anyone calling you on it!
Except this time one thing led to another (and there wasn’t even any wine involved!) and before long we had decided that actually we should do something about it…. we perhaps weren’t in a position to head on out to the mid pacific with nets and start collecting, but perhaps we could do something to stop any more plastic ending up there???……
So we started doing a little research. Up until this point we were just a “normal” family living our lives, without too much thought for the waste we were producing or the chemicals we were using, where our things came from (food miles etc) or where they ended up once we had finished with them and threw them away. What we discovered was a big wake up call for us and was really shocking.
According to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, globally up to 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals and sea turtles die each year from eating plastic.
Perhaps the most shocking and saddening thing was the sheer amount of alternative products out there that were just not being utilised by the mainstream.
Seeing as how plastic was what had piqued our interest this was where we decided to start. We found a company that sold all manner of plastic bags that would degrade to Co2 and water in 18 months, a much better alternative than the 100’s of years that conventional plastic bags take. They were no different in feel, function, quality, or appearance to regular plastic bags and so should not be too scary as an alternative. So we pooled our resources, bought some bags, designed a leaflet and set out to sell some bags!
As and when we were able to we have slowly but surely built up our range until it is what you can see today. What we want to provide you with is a way to make ‘making eco choices’ easier, by giving you access to a great range of products all in one place, cutting out some of the research for you, making it easier to get what you need buy cutting down on the time you need to shop or shop around to get the eco products you want. And also to educate and help people to understand what they can do to help, show ways they didn’t even know were available to them, because we believe if everyone does even just a little bit, that can add up to a whole lot.  After all, look at the reverse, we are all just throwing away, a little bit of plastic, and look at the chaos! If humans can cause so much devastation without consciously trying, and just each doing a little, surely the same or more can be true when we actually try to make a difference?
We would love to hear what first interested you about eco issues, or why you first started looking for ‘alternative’ (I am not a fan of that word, but for the life of me I cannot think of another at the moment!) products. Leave a comment below or drop us an email!
If you would like some more up to date (and accurate!) information on plastic and the ‘plastic islands’ then please click the pictures below. Also check out this article.
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Henderson Island


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