Update to 20/21 NERC Marine Facilities Programme in response to COVID-19

16 April 2020

In April 2020, NERC’s Cruise Programme Executive Board (CPEB) reviewed the status of the published 20/21 Marine Facilities Programme (MFP) in light of COVID-19.

Due to the UK Government restrictions on the movement of people and the requirement for social distancing, some science activities have already become undeliverable. This, coupled with the uncertainty around when operations may be able to restart and potential further impacts on the upcoming programme, led CPEB to decide that the 20/21 MFP should be suspended as currently published, with all planned activities removed from the programme. NERC Marine Planning will work with the ship operators to assess various scenarios for rebuilding the 20/21 MFP considering possible timings to restart operations.

The impacts of COVID-19 and the resulting changes to the 20/21 MFP are also likely to affect the programme for 21/22.

Any queries relating to the 20/21 programme or to future seagoing activities directed at future programmes should be directed to NERC Marine Planning.

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