UK Wildlife Holidays – All You Need to Know

Britishers have always been fond of birding and wildlife holidays across the world. You don’t really have to go to exotic savannahs of Africa or the dense forests of India to satiate your wild side. If you are a wildlife lover and happen to live in the UK, well, you can be sure of finding wildlife treasures in your own backyard.

Explore local wildlife and do not miss the opportunities to see a vast variety of wild animals in their natural habitats. Go on one of these guided Naturetrek wildlife holidays and tours to explore native wildlife in varied habitats and landscapes. The UK indeed boasts of a wealth of exciting wildlife and in such vast diversity.

Top UK Wildlife Holidays to Check out this Summer –

A tour of Hampshire Downs

The Hampshire Downs is located in southern England and showcases some of the most exceptional plant habitats in Britain. Take the tour in search of a wide variety of exotic and rare plant and animal species under an expert guide. It is indeed a paradise for bird lovers who can spot hobby, cuckoo, partridges & woodpeckers. Yellowhammer, Lesser Whitethroat & Turtle Dove are the highlights of the tour. Admire lovely flowers like Yellow-wort, Kidney, Great Butterfly Orchids and Horseshoe Vetches at the National Nature Reserve.

A trip to the Isle of Rum

Isle of Rum of the Inner Hebrides is located in Scotland and is well known for red deer stags. It is indeed incredible to find so many deer stags on one tiny island. Later you can enjoy spending some time with Rum ponies, which is another unique breed of the isle. The visitors get introduced to the outstanding cultural and natural heritage of the island. Take advantage of the excellent walking opportunities to explore the wildlife and adventure on one of the most beautiful islands of Scotland.

Explore the wetlands of Norfolk

Norfolk is seen as the county’s premier raptor spot and a great way to spend the weekend birdwatching. Wintertime is a particularly exciting time to spot the birds as those widespread wetlands are filled with flocks of migrant geese, wild swans and huge numbers of duck. Barn Owls and Sparrowhawk are other much sought-after species among wildlife lovers. The whole experience is indeed going to exceed your expectations. 

British reptiles in The New Forest

Head for the New Forest in Hampshire to visit the nation’s newest national park which is home to species of British reptiles. Get the chance to see some rare species of lizards, snakes, and adders, the only poisonous snake in the UK. The New Forest Reptile Centre is open daily and boasts of home-grown amphibians. It is home to six native reptiles including the very rare sand lizard and smooth ankle. You can hike or bike in the surrounding areas. 

Journey to Mull, a nature paradise

uk wildlife holidays

Mull, with an abundance of birds, mammals, and marine-life is indeed seen as a natural history paradise. Enjoy the trip that will take you across the most beautiful landscape filled with craggy hills and extensive forests.  Highlights of the exciting midsummer wildlife tour include spotting of eagles, otters, whales, and dolphins Sail along the glorious coastline in search of whales and dolphins. Hen Harrier, Puffin, Golden Eagles, Red Deer, and Common Seals are other significant attractions.

Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands

Aviemore is a small town in the Cairngorms National Park and is quite famous for wildcats. Along with wildlife, the town is also known for ancient forests and mountain trails. The wildcat, a Scottish icon, is actually a domestic cat gone native and is more like a lynx. It is endangered species today that can be spotted only in the restricted areas of northern Scotland. Take a guided tour under an expert to enhance your chance of spotting the rare and elusive animal.

Wildlife Photography holiday in Northumberland

Northumberland is a photographer delight what with its photogenic coast with long sandy beaches and castles. Enjoy daily excursions with knowledgeable guides in search of the region’s wildlife and seabirds. Keep your camera rolling, or you would miss out on the excellent opportunities to photograph the exquisite Arctic Terns, the Puffins or the wide array of seabirds. Get ready for an ultimate wildlife holiday and do not miss the chance of bird and plant photography.

Visit Cirencester town in Gloucestershire

Cirencester is a small town in Gloucestershire and is located towards the northwest of London. It is located on a tributary of the River Thames, and a large number of wildlife enthusiasts arrive here to spot beaver. Earlier, it was not possible to see a wild beaver in Britain. However, thanks to a reintroduction program the kits are born in the privately-owned Lower Mill Estate. European beavers were introduced to Lower Mill Estate and later reintroduced to the wild. These animals have been bred in Britain for the last few centuries now.

A colorful trip to Dartmoor National Park

Dartmoor National Park lies towards southwest England and is a vast moorland in the county of Devon. The area is dotted with villages, and you can take a tour with a local guide from May to August to spot those colorful varieties of butterflies that flit across the moor. Run by a dedicated team, Dartmoor National Park lures visitors from near and far. The trip is sure going to be both educational and fun. Learn about those tropical butterflies in the rainforest atmosphere and enjoy learning about their amazing life.

Mighty sea creatures at St Davids, Pembrokeshire

St Davids is the smallest city in England in terms of population and has a cathedral in Pembrokeshire. It is also famous for spotting whales and dolphins. Make a visit to this place to enjoy the chance of spotting those mighty sea creatures as well as pilot whales, porpoises, sharks, or even orca. Camp on the surrounding sites with gorgeous topography to add to the adventure.

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