A lot of people swear by micro-fibre cloths for all cleaning tasks and are a brilliant invention. However there is another sort of cloth that’s a little less known, made  in Devon. It’s called the Eco-Towel.
This amazing cloth is made using the Hydroentanglement method of production, by doing so the fibres don’t need chemicals to help bind them together; making the cloths biodegradable, so if they end up in a bag in landfill they will just degrade to nothing within 4 years.
Unlike cotton towels the Eco-Towel is manufactured from similar material as paper, which makes them super absorbent; able to soak up 6-7 times their weight in liquid. They are also strong and soft to the touch, even though they weigh in at 40 – 75 GSM ( grams per square metre ).
They are ideal for emergency spills, drying a soggy pet, cleaning the car and everyday cleaning around the home. You can stick them in the washing machine to clean and then reuse over and over.
Each towel measures 95cm x 40cm, which is 3.11 foot by 1.3 foot in English and only 26p each.
Check out the Eco-Towel and read the reviews.

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