Restore nature to reduce the risk of flooding – Tony Juniper

Restore nature to reduce the risk of flooding – Tony Juniper

  As we reflect on the misery and pain dealt by recent floods, a consensus is emerging about the need to work more with nature in alleviating the scale and frequency of future incidents. The Environment Secretary, George Eustice, council leaders and residents have all spoken of how we might better use natural features and […]

Introducing a new Single Point of Contact for protected sites casework

Introducing a new Single Point of Contact for protected sites casework

Project Manager at Natural England, Charlotte Rose, tells us about Natural England’s new mailbox for protected sites casework. Today we have launched a new Single Point of Contact for protected sites casework. From this date, customers requesting our consent, assent or advice for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs) should use the new mailbox. […]

Food Fix — or Didn’t You Know We Needed One?

Food Fix — or Didn’t You Know We Needed One?

Is your refrigerator running? Well… then you’d better catch on to the contribution you’re making to a convergence of global crises brought on by the greed and improvidence of two major industries poisoning the population, advancing climate change, benefiting from systemic poverty, destroying the soil, invading politics, and generally making a muck of what used […]

Attn Night Owls: Trick Your Body into Rising with the Sun

The battle has long raged between larks and night owls — who is healthier, wealthier, and wiser? Who has more fun? Who gets more done? Despite myriad studies and tons of scientific insights, the answer seems clear: merits are spread and divided across the two and only personal preference makes one better than the other. […]

How to Keep Your Gut Thriving on Whole30

We’ve talked in the past about some of the general health benefits of the Whole30 diet…. But also about the effect that some of the Whole30 diets exclusions have on the diversity and strength of the bacteria in your gut’s microbiome. After all, the diet calls for completely avoiding legumes, nuts, beans, grains, and dairy, […]

Why “Laziness” Is a Fake Personality Flaw

Evidence suggests that laziness doesn’t exist at all. Laziness exists only for the person throwing the stone, and not for the person at which the stone is cast.  Confused? Here, it’s simple: laziness isn’t real.  But a person’s uncommunicated or unknown blocks are very real indeed, especially if they’re quietly preventing progress and promoting procrastination.  […]

Feed Your Gut the Greens It Needs Over the Holidays

Especially for those with digestive issues, feasting during the holidays can be a huge source of discomfort.  Cookies, gluten, candy, fudge, heavy dishes with red meats and sauces, eggnog, fried latkes, creamy potatoes, cheese plate after cheese plate…  They’re all pretty much an irritated bowel’s worst nightmare. The last thing you want to experience when […]

Hangover Anxiety: It’s Real and Here’s Why It Happens

Norwegians call it fylleangst… But you might recognize it in its millennial incarnation: “hangxiety.” Believe it or not, it’s become so heavily referenced in popular culture, it’s causing whole swathes of young people to quit booze. You may be thinking you’ve never experienced it before… but think again. Have you ever woken up suddenly after […]

What You Need to Know About SSRIs and Your Gut Health

In 2017, one study reported that one in six Americans takes an SSRI every day. That was nearly two years ago – would you surmise that that number has gone up or down? Even if that number stayed exactly the same, that’s a heavy load of the population taking selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.  Since the […]

A Guide to Consuming Bone Broth

Recently, we brought you an article on how bone broth can help heal an aching and damaged leaky gut. In case you missed the article, here are the broad strokes: The gelatin, broken down from the cartilage in the bones, feeds the mucous lining of the stomach. Broth is easier to digest than solid food, […]