Learning How To Make Sugar Is Simple and Easy!

I’ve tried all the natural sugar replacements and decided that sometimes I just need the real thing. So I learned how to make sugar at home. It’s simple! When I started researching vegan sugar, I found a lot of information. Some of the information on how to make your own sugar really intrigued me. I […]

Herbal Shrub Recipe: A Drink, Not a Bush You Grow!

I have to admit, when a friend told me that they had a good shrub recipe, I thought they meant growing Azaleas. Turns out they were talking about a drink! What is A Shrub Drink? Technically, a shrub is a smaller tree or bush. But the shrubs we’re talking about here are a bit more […]

Strawberry Sugar Scrub For Smooth Summer Skin

Does anything smell more like early summer than strawberries? This easy strawberry sugar scrub is the perfect way to start your summer off with smooth skin! This week my family and I went to our local farm to pick strawberries. It’s always a favorite summer tradition. From the tractor ride to the beautiful strawberry fields, […]