Stress and the heart: Lessons from the pandemic

The effects of COVID-19 have been extensive, with more than seven million confirmed cases and more than 200,000 deaths in the US alone. COVID-19 has caused additional impacts on healthcare; for example, patients have delayed seeking care for serious symptoms over fears of exposure to COVID-19. But the consequences of COVID-19 have reached beyond healthcare […]

Easing stress and seeking normalcy in traumatic times

For most Americans, 2020 has already been a rough year — and it’s not even half over. A pandemic, natural disasters, economic decline, and, for many, the loss of a job have taken a toll on their mental health. “Stress is particularly acute when you’re experiencing a situation that is outside of your control,” says […]

Can forest therapy enhance health and well-being?

The beauty of the outdoors naturally encourages people to go outside, inhale fresh air, listen to the birds, take a walk, or watch the wind animate the branches of the steadfast neighboring trees. The pull toward the natural world is present even in normal times. Now, as we’re confined indoors by the coronavirus pandemic, often […]

Collaborative care: Treating mental illnesses in primary care

Like most people, you probably do not enjoy going to the doctor only to be referred to a specialist in a different practice. Unfortunately, fragmented care is often the reality among people suffering from common mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. Wouldn’t it be nice to have both your behavioral and physical health needs […]

Health coaching is effective. Should you try it?

In the fall of 2019, my hospital put out word that it was looking for physicians who might wish to undergo intensive training to become certified health and wellness coaches. Having worked with patients who have used health coaching, I jumped at the chance. Their experiences were almost universally positive: many of them had attained […]

Strategies to promote better sleep in these uncertain times

These are unprecedented times. Given the real and tangible threat of the coronavirus pandemic on personal, community, and societal levels, it is normal to experience anxiety and sleep problems. Sleep is a reversible state marked by a loss of consciousness to our surroundings, and as members of the animal kingdom, our brains have evolved to […]

CBD: Healing without the High with Guest Leonard Leinow

America was founded on hemp. George Washington was a hemp farmer.  In fact, when the nation was founded, it was required for all farmers to grow 25% of their crops as hemp.  Hemp made trade and communication possible.  Now, it was a different beast back then.  Colonial-age hemp was probably 3:1 CBD to THC (the […]

Designing a Social Life Based on Growth: Part 2

In our previous post, we talked about the benefits of healthy friendships.  But most of us understand that they’re beneficial already, even if only anecdotally. Venting to a good friend feels good. Spending an evening with people who know and love you, laughing and reminiscing, feels good. Puzzling out a tough problem with a pal […]

How To Stop Stress Before It Hits

How To Stop Stress Before It Hits

Don’t let stressful situations get the best of you! Learn how to beat stress and anxiety in your day-to-day life with these quick, easy, and effective tips. RELATED: 6 Easy Tips For A Healthy Mind, Body, And Spirit In this article: What Is Stress? How to Stop or Reduce Stress Bust Out Some Exercises Stretch […]

9 Herbs For A Stress-Free Life

9 Herbs For A Stress-Free Life

The secret to living a life that?s happy and stress-free lies in these nine herbs! Keep reading to find out more. RELATED:?2 R?s Of De-Stressing: Retreat And Refresh In this article: Ashwagandha Valerian Root Maca Kava Root Turmeric Rhodiola Lemon Balm Lavender Chasteberry Enjoy a Stress-Free Life with These Herbs 1. Ashwagandha If you?re looking […]