Learn to Make Your Own Homemade Flour Tortillas

I made homemade flour tortillas because money is tight and we’ve been forced to stay home more lately. The flour tortilla recipe is simple and delicious! If there’s anything I love, it’s Mexican food! We’re lucky enough to have several great restaurants around this area. But with having to stay home more and money being […]

How to Make Natural Calamine Lotion at Home

Poison ivy season will soon be upon us and, depending on where you live, it may already be. So let’s learn how to make this homemade calamine lotion recipe. Calamine lotion is one of those topical skin treatments that are indispensable. It is a known itch reliever and can help speed the healing of rashes […]

DIY Rainbow Suncatchers Made with Natural Beads

Crafting is one of my family’s favorite activities. We love making crafts from natural materials and these DIY rainbow suncatchers are one of our best! Tip: check out our other DIY natural craft ideas. Why Natural Beads? Most craft beads are plastic, which means they never break down. While they are cheap, they are not […]

Learn How to Make Your Own DIY Makeup Primer!

Enjoy these two recipes for a DIY makeup primer. It is simple, inexpensive, and effective to make a DIY face primer at home. You can do this and you should! Even though I don’t get out as much these days, I still need to run to the grocery store once in a while. My skin […]

Learn How to Make Soft and Creamy Whipped Soap!

Today you are going to learn how to make whipped soap. This is a 2-step process that involves making a paste and then whipping the paste into a soap. Enjoy! I love whipped soap! It’s so soft and creamy, almost more like using a lotion. But most of the recipes I’ve found rely on a […]

A Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner and Deodorizer

I recently created this natural garbage disposal cleaner and deodorizer recipe to freshen my stinky garbage disposal. It is all-natural and it works great! Make Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner I have never lived in a home with a garbage disposal until recently. For the first few months of living in our new home, I completely […]

Homemade Wipes For Your Hand Bag, So Many Uses!

These homemade wipes will work on a variety of surfaces, not just shopping carts! I use these DIY wipes in public restrooms, in the car, at home, and more. Homemade Wipes: Great for Many Uses! Tip: also check out our homemade baby wipes! February at the grocery store means germs everywhere! From shopping carts to […]

Homemade Sanitizer Spray: Cleaning Toys Naturally

This homemade sanitizer spray is what I use for everyday cleaning and sanitizing so we keep a big bottle on hand. It’s natural, safe, and works very well! A Homemade Sanitizer Spray! Before I had children I was a preschool teacher. It was one of my favorite jobs because I was able to spend all […]

How To Make Liquid Soap That is Natural & Amazing

After learning how to make liquid soap I worked to simplify and perfect my recipe. It’s all-natural and works great as a shampoo, body wash, hand soap, and even dish soap! Summer is almost here and school is out, for that reason I have plenty of time to work on projects. After mastering both cold […]

Incredible, Edible Slime! A DIY Edible Slime Recipe

Many homemade slime recipes are not made to eat but our edible slime recipe is non-toxic and chemical-free! Add flavors and colors to make it how you like! Kids love slime. And by kids, I mean anyone from young kids to the elderly. There’s something so satisfying about sinking your hands into something so sticky […]