Straw Bale Gardening: An Easy Way To Grow Food

Straw bale gardening is simple and effective. Setting them up is the hardest part but there are many benefits to this type of garden. Let’s take a look. Last year I tried a few off-the-wall types of gardens, including a straw bale garden. Plants growing out of straw bales – I had seen them being […]

Tips for Making Soups with Great Flavor & Nutrition

Rather than an exact recipe, this is a basic tutorial on how to make a soup that has great flavor and nutrition. Use these concepts in every batch you make. When I lived in Minneapolis, a friend and I used to go to an awesome Asian restaurant. Soups were their specialty and the flavors were […]

Herbal Shrub Recipe: A Drink, Not a Bush You Grow!

I have to admit, when a friend told me that they had a good shrub recipe, I thought they meant growing Azaleas. Turns out they were talking about a drink! What is A Shrub Drink? Technically, a shrub is a smaller tree or bush. But the shrubs we’re talking about here are a bit more […]

9 Herbs For A Stress-Free Life

The secret to living a life that?s happy and stress-free lies in these nine herbs! Keep reading to find out more. RELATED:?2 R?s Of De-Stressing: Retreat And Refresh In this article: Ashwagandha Valerian Root Maca Kava Root Turmeric Rhodiola Lemon Balm Lavender Chasteberry Enjoy a Stress-Free Life with These Herbs 1. Ashwagandha If you?re looking […]

A List of Herbs and Spices You Can Forage For

Many people forage for mushrooms or other foods but why not forage for wild spices? Here is a list of herbs and spices you can find outside and use at home. We often talk about foraging for edibles, like mushrooms and greens, and herbs for medicine, but I’ve never seen an article about foraging for […]

5 Excellent Herbs to Grow For Homemade Tea

Save money and grow your own tea garden! You get to pick which plants to grow and create tea blends with the freshest herbs! Here are 5 good herbs for tea. I Love Tea! Several years ago I cut coffee from my diet. Turns out, I enjoy drinking tea much more. Earl Grey is my […]

Growing Herbs In Water for Fresh Herbs All Year

Growing herbs indoors can be tricky, one solution is growing herbs in water. Read on to see how we do it and for easy tips to keep your fresh herbs healthy. Note: you may also like learning how to grow an indoor herb garden using soil. There’s nothing better than fresh herbs, but they’re not […]