How a Cancer Misdiagnosis Helped Me Face and Heal from Health Anxiety

How a Cancer Misdiagnosis Helped Me Face and Heal from Health Anxiety

“Trust yourself. You’ve survived a lot, and you’ll survive whatever is coming.” ~Robert Tew “I have bad news. I am sorry. You have cancer.” Sitting in the cold, clinical doctor’s office on a snowy, cloudy January day in Chicago, I was six months postpartum with my daughter, and I felt like I had woken up […]

The art of a heartfelt apology

If you’ve been stuck mostly at home with one or more family members over the past year, chances are you’ve gotten on one another’s nerves occasionally. When you’re under a lot of stress, it’s not uncommon say something unkind, or even to lash out in anger to someone you care about. And we all make […]

Sleep, stress, or hormones? Brain fog during perimenopause

Often when people think of perimenopause, irregular periods and hot flashes come to mind. But some women may notice another symptom: brain fog. You’re reading a letter and suddenly realize your thoughts have drifted off and you need to start again. Or you draw a blank when you’re trying to remember someone’s name, or find […]

Black peer support: A role in mental health recovery

It’s been a troubling year for millions of Americans, marked by public reckonings over inequities in justice, health care, and most certainly mental health care. None of these inequities are new. Estimates suggest that only 22% of Black Americans — fewer than one in four — who need mental health care actually receive treatment. In […]

Do vitamin D, zinc, and other supplements help prevent COVID-19 or hasten healing?

The appeal of safe, natural treatments is undeniable. It’s true for age-old conditions such as the common cold, and for new diseases, especially if they have no known cure. So it makes sense that there would be a lot of interest in supplements for COVID-19, whether as prevention or treatment. Indeed, zinc, melatonin, vitamin C, […]

Want to improve your memory? Get a good night’s sleep!

There are few things that are as beneficial for your memory as having a good night’s sleep. Let’s understand why. If you’re tired, it’s hard to pay attention, and memory requires attention To remember information, you need to pay attention to it. If you’re tired, you simply cannot pay attention as effectively as you would […]

Summer camp: What parents need to know this year

It’s time to make summer plans, and for many families, those plans include summer camp. After the year we’ve had, the idea of getting out of the house, being active, and seeing other children sounds very appealing. While there is reason to hope that this summer will be better than 2020, the reality is that […]