Soothing Homemade Gel Face Mask for Acne

This homemade face mask for acne is simple to make. It utilizes slippery elm bark and aloe vera to help soothe acne, sunburn, dry, and red or swollen skin.

There is something ultimately satisfying about smothering your face with food. Why? Who knows. Maybe because food is glorious, and playing with mushy stuff is a trip back to finger painting days. Unfortunately, it’s common for these edible beauty treatments to be more fun than effective.
This soothing gel homemade face mask for acne is different. It is both fun and effective.
What is the secret? Simple, slippery elm!

Slippery Elm Powder

Slippery elm has been used for ages both internally and externally. It is produced from the inner bark of the slippery elm tree, which is then dried and ground into powder. Slippery elm boasts mucilaginous properties, which means, due to certain polysaccharides, it forms a jelly-like, slippery substance when mixed with water. As a result, it is soothing and creates a nice coating.
I’m using slippery elm in my homemade face mask for acne but it is also frequently used:

  • In cough drops
  • As a treatment for psoriasis
  • For topical wound treatment
  • To help Inflammatory Bowel Disease
  • Soothe heartburn
  • To ameliorate diarrhea

Slippery elm comes in powdered form, like in the bag below, and also in capsules. Either version works for this recipe.
Slippery Elm Bark 1
If you have capsules, simply break open the capsules and use the powder inside.
Slippery Elm Bark 2
This homemade face mask for acne comes together in an instant and is suitable for most skin types. What can you expect after using this mask? 

  • Reduced redness
  • Reduced acne inflammation
  • Sunburn relief
  • Plumped, moisturized skin

Homemade Face Mask for Acne

Author Lauren Geertsen



  1. Whisk together the slippery elm powder and liquid of your choice. Allow it to sit for a minute to let the mixture thicken. It should have a soft, jelly-like consistency.
  2. Spread homemade face mask for acne liberally on face and chest. Keep on for 10-20 minutes and enjoy a moment of relaxation.
  3. Oily skin types may prefer to rinse the mask off with plenty of water. If your skin is on the drier side, gently wipe off the mask with a slightly damp towel, then use a clean damp towel to remove any residue.
  4. Follow with gentle lotion or facial oil to lock in the moisture!


If refrigerated this recipe will last several months. Apply as often as you feel the need and be sure to share the recipe with your social circles, friends, and family.

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Lauren G is the 19-year-old real food blogger at After struggling with ulcerative colitis for five years, she decided to dive head first into healing her body with nutrition and a holistic lifestyle. She follows the GAPS diet and enjoys sharing her creative, grain-free recipes, holistic health solutions, and healing tools with others. She offers a free, retro-inspired Grain Free Holiday Feast e-cookbook on her blog.
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