Sometimes it's the simple things

It’s pretty safe to say that consumerism in general is a pretty selfish practice right? And it is a habit that pretty much all of us has fallen into over the last several decades.  As Ariana Grande so eloquently puts it “ I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it” and yet I don’t think of myself as particularly selfish, I mean, I might have been known to sneak the last cupcake on occasion!
But when it comes to buying things and they are just sitting there waiting to be bought it’s too easy to just buy “it”. We might give a thought to price or colour but do we really think about the social or environmental impact of our purchase?
Every purchase we make comes with one though, even the smallest.
Like a dish cloth…
So simple. But such a great product, with a wonderful human story too.
Toockies are a set of Hand-crafted 100% organic Cotton and Jute scrubbing clothes.  They –
= Contain NO microplastics
= Are reusable
= Machine washable
= Bio degradable (when they are no good for washing up/cleaning any longer you can use them as potting mesh or compost them!)
= Are really strong.
= They don’t stain
= They don’t scratch
= They last ages!
= Are Fairtrade
As well as all of that – Toockies are knitted by hand by ladies in Nababpur India. Its such a simple thing, but the Tookies project opens up an unimaginable door of opportunity for these women. A community centre provides them with a central location for training, knitting, picking up new yarn and dropping off finished products. They can work at the centre or at home, allowing them to work hours that suit them.  It gives them a dignified way to earn a living and take charge of their own future.
When the knitter has made a pack she signs the card sleeve, and you are able to go to the website and see the lady who made your cloths and her story.
Who would have thought so much could come from a humble wash cloth?!  Someone said to me –“ but its just a dishcloth, I’vetoockies info got hundreds!”
Can those hundreds of dishcloths claim all the same as the above? Just imagine how much good you could do buying your hundreds of dishcloths with these environmental and social impacts…
Even the smallest things we do, can have a massive positive impact on the world if we let it.
Also it helps when the products are great, we have been using these for a few months now and they are.
You can get them HERE

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