Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging projects for Recycle Week

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22 September 2020

URKI is announcing nearly one quarter of a million pounds in funding for projects to address plastic waste and improve the UK’s recycling capabilities during Recycle Week.

The funding is being awarded as part of the Feasibility Studies for Demonstrators competition, a constituent of the ISCF Smart Sustainable Plastic Packaging challenge, run on behalf of the UK government.

The projects aim to help the UK tackle the challenge of plastic pollution in the environment through the development of a more sustainable plastic packaging value chain in the UK.

Seven projects have received a share of £235K funding as part of the competition.

The funding will also be used for the projects to create proposals to enter into a follow-on demonstrator projects competition.

To be awarded funding, the projects must showcase solutions that go beyond the current state-of-the-art and deliver a more circular economy for plastic packaging.

Read the full story on the UKRI website.

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