Simple Autumn Beauty Recipes for Your Hair and Face

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Fall recipes for beauty are a must because fall is my favorite time of year. Just as pumpkin lattes and pies are in order, so are pumpkin face mask recipes!

Fall Recipes for Homemade Beauty

Fall is hands down my favorite time of the year. Burgundy and gold on the trees, crisp nights, warm days, crackling fires, and pumpkins! Of course, all of it says fall to me.
The changing of the weather and seasons can lead to changes in your skin and hair. It has inspired me to make some fall-themed spa recipes to treat my skin and hair as we transition out of summer.

Pumpkin Face Mask and Scrub

Pumpkins and a pumpkin face mask are one of those things that scream “FALL!” to me. And pumpkins have so many benefits. They are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. (Take a look at some more Fun Facts About Pumpkins.)
For this recipe, we’re using the full power of the antioxidants and the natural fruit sugars, which will act as a mild chemical peel, leaving your face soft and supple. The spices smell great and act as antibacterial agents while the sugar enhances the action of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin Face Mask Ingredients

Pumpkin Face Mask Directions

Mix all of the ingredients well. Fill ice cube trays with the mixture and freeze. Transfer to a freezer-proof container and keep frozen until used.

To Use

Thaw one cube until soft. Apply to your face avoiding the nose, mouth, and eyes. Leave on for 15 minutes. Just before rinsing off, scrub in a circular motion for a few minutes. Apply a warm wet towel and rinse off. Be sure to get it all off as it can get very sticky. Moisturize as needed.
Note: Use this pumpkin face mask up to twice a week – using it more may cause irritation.

Moisturizing Argan Oil Hair Serum

When the heat comes on and the humidity drops in the fall, my hair dries out more than any other time during the year. To add to my fall recipes I made this nourishing hair oil on the ends of my hair to prevent frizzies and fly-aways caused by dry air and static electricity.
Argan oil is known for making hair soft, silky, and shiny. It is an ideal hair conditioner, useful for treating split ends and taming frizzies. The pumpkin seed oil in this hair oil is rich in nutrients. The grapefruit will adjust to any type of hair and the bay rum is sweet and a bit spicy. They smell like fall when combined together.



Combine all ingredients in a small dropper bottle. Cap and shake well to mix.

To Use

Put a few drops of oil into the palm of your hand and rub palms together. Work lightly into the ends of your hair, and gently press into the hair where fly-aways are present. Be sure you are only using a small amount. Too much may leave hair looking greasy and limp.

Final Thoughts

Have you ever tried making a pumpkin face mask at home? Share your experience!
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Simple Fall Beauty Recipes for Your Hair and Face was written by Debra Maslowski.

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