Should we be thinking smaller?

Today is world environment day. The UNs main squeeze for getting everyone to be more aware of the worlds environment
and the struggles it is facing.
There’s no doubt that this is important and we should be aware of what is going on in our world. (Really going on, not just what the media thinks we should know about) and how our choices impact it, and they do.
But sometimes it can be all too much. We are bombared by a lot of information these days and we can feel overwhelmed by it all, and it can be paralysing.
When we become overwhelmed the best thing we can do is step back and breath.
Start smaller. when the whole environment seems like too big to handle, stop thinking about it as taking on the whole worlds environment.
Just tackle YOUR environment.
Start at home, and just think about making changes in just your own immediate environment. Because just by
making changes there you will be changing the whole environment.
– By eating less meat and dairy, you will be cutting your carbon footprint dramatically right off the bat, also saving land from being cleared for grazing, land which is often covered in carbon drinking trees.
– By reducing the plastic you use at home you will be reducung the waste going to landfill, or the pastic ending up in the sea, environemnt and foodchain.
– By choosing sustainable fashion, your impact will be HUGE
-By choosing cleaning products that contain less chemicals and do not harm the waterways you will be doing your own enviroment and the wider environment a world of good.
– By using your own bags and own containers for shopping you are saving loads of packaging
-By growing some fruit and veg of your own, and /or having a wildflower garden, bug houses, bird houses you are helping biodiversity.
There are so many little things you can do, and they all really do have a massive impact. Just start with one
After all, how do you eat an elephant? – you know, if you were so inclined. Maybe we should change it to a giant pumpkin or something?!

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