Planted Skincare – A Revelation!

Over the past couple of months we have had the pleasure of trialing the range of skincare from Planted. Being able to try out new products is definitely one of the perks of what we do, but not just because we get to use the products, but we also get to ‘meet’ lovely new people and learn new things!
I do tend to get quite excited when there is a new product to test out, but it is not often that I am so excited by a new product once I have started using it that;
A. I am reluctant to give it up to the rest of the team to try, or B. that I would want to share it with the world before we have even started stocking it!  But this skincare range was different.
Melissa the founder and developer of Planted contacted us and after chatting with her it was clear that her philosophy matched ours to a tee and that she had put an awful lot of time, care and research into developing her products.
There are currently four products in the range –

  • An Oil cleanser /makeup remover – which comes with its own muslin face cloth, which is a very lovely touch.
  • A Nutrient rich moisturiser
  • A Coffee and Orange Sugar scrub – which comes with its own little bamboo spoon!
  • and A Whipped Shea Body Butter.

Planted Oil CleanserI was a little sceptical about the oil cleanser. I have always preferred cleansers that foamed over say a cream cleanser, and I had never tried an oil cleanser. I have a combination skin but my T zone is really very oily, especially my forehead, and I just couldn’t see how this would work for me, or how effective it would be at removing my make up. But this cleanser really surprised me.
I have been using ‘natural’ skin care products for a number of years now, but somehow I have still always struggled a bit with my complexion. I have always felt the need to exfoliate a couple of times a week, use moiturising masks and I am never seen without makeup (except by husband and kiddies).  So imagine my surprise when I realised that for 3 weeks I have not felt the need to exfoliate once, I have not used a mask.(The cleanser can be used as a mask too) And I have even on one occasion ventured out of my house without makeup on (no one screamed!) Its like giving myself a facial every day! I realise I am making this sound like some kind of miracle serum, but I honestly do not think that my skin has looked or felt this good since before my teens (some time ago!) I asked Melissa about this and she said
“Oil cleansing works brilliantly at deep cleansing our pores; the oil will easily pull excess oil and dirt out of our pores, without stripping them dry (like foaming and soaping ingredients can do). Stripping the skin of our natural oils makes dry skin drier and oily skin oilier! The blend I use is also formulated to provide the perfect balance of fatty acids so our skin can learn to balance it’s sebum production.”
I have never used a cleanser before that left my skin feeling so soft that I dont actually feel like I need to use a moisturiser,
Nutrient Rich Face Creambut the Nutrient Rich face cream is another delight, as its name suggests it contains some super ingredients including Moringa oil, a firm favourite with us, as is Rose hip oil. It also contains Pomegranate Seed oil and Raspberry seed oil, which has UV protection and repair properties, as well as many other lovely ingredients.  A little goes a really long way, so much so that it took me a few goes to get the amount I was using right, when you use too much it does make your skin a little greasy for a little while, but this is certainly user error, as when you do get the quantity correct, it glides on like a dream and my skin feels baby soft and, well….moisturised! and stays that way for the whole day/night.
Using these two products together is a real powerhouse for your skin, and they have secured a place in my must haves for facial care.
The Coffee and Orange circulation boosting scrub also left my skin feeling very loved, it is certainly a good one for waking you up with its strong coffee aroma and again it is packed full of super ingredients for improving and maintaining the health of your skin. The unrefined cane sugar helps to remove the old skin cells making way for the fresh new skin, the avocado oil promotes elasticity and healing of skin whilst also being rich source of oleic acid for penetrative moisture. And of course the coffee, (grown by women farmers) contains caffeine which increases collagen content, decreases pigmentation, fights redness as well as all inflammatory skin conditions. And thats just a few of the ingredients! A word to the wise though, it can get a bit messy — at least it did for me! So best used when IN the bath or shower, not just in the bathroom as a friend of mine did!

Planted Body ButterI love a good body butter and this is no exception Virgin Shea and Cocoa butters whipped together to produce a moisturiser that is great for all over the body and is gentle enough to use on babies too! I find this especially great on my legs and feet where my skin is driest, I can actually apply this body butter and my skin still looks and feels good 24 hours later. Again I find a little goes a long way and I love the slight chocolatly aroma. Shea butter is known for its great moisturisation properties and is especially lovely for skin conditions like rosacea, eczema and psoriasis. It also works wonderfully as a lip balm.
So aside from how great this range is for the skin, is there anything else to love about this range? Actually, yes there is!  The first is the attitude of Planted and Melissa. She genuinely cares about bringing products to us all that are great for us as well as the planet, that contain wonderful ingredients and are affordable for all. It is my belief that she could charge a LOT more for these products than she is doing.

  • They are all cruelty free
  • There are no synthetic ingredients
  • All the packaging is recyclable.
  • They are made in the UK
  • For what they deliver, the price is amazing.

So in summery! I love this range. Everyone here who has tried it also loved it. We hope to start stocking it really soon, and can’t wait to get the word out there to all you lovely folk about it so you can love it too!

See It Here Now!

I will leave you with planteds philosophy, which sums it up perfectly I think;
Planted is committed to the belief that healthy skin should be easily obtainable by everyone. We use only high-quality, nourishing ingredients as Nature intended and tailor our products to address all skin concerns so you can keep your regime nice and simple.

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