I owe you a follow-up on last month’s farmers’ market bowl. When I shared that I have been struggling this winter, I received so many thoughtful responses and heard from a lot of you who have been in the same boat. On your urging, I made an appointment with my doctor to check my iron, thyroid, vitamin B levels and so on—fortunately, all the results turned out normal.
It seems I am just seasonally affected. Solar-powered, if you will. My doctor said that most American women are low or deficient in vitamin D3, so I’ve started taking supplements (she recommended 2,000 IU/day). What has helped the most, though, is sleeping with my blinds partially open, so I get a blast of sunlight every morning. I’m not a morning person, and this new apartment’s black-out blinds are just too effective!
chia pudding ingredients
If you’ve been feeling sluggish this winter, I recommend getting a good dose of sunlight right when you wake up. Whether that’s by opening the bedroom blinds or eating breakfast next to a sunny window, I think it’ll help. I’m also trying to accept that different seasons offer different energies. Maybe I just operate a little slower in the winter, and that’s ok. Maybe you can relate.
I wanted to share my new go-to breakfast recipe today—chia pudding. I’ve not been a fan of chia puddings in the past (this creamy blended treat being the sole exception), but I crave this vanilla-orange chia pudding. It tastes like sunshine in a bowl. The best part is that you can make individual servings today, and enjoy them all week long.
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