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The education system gives you a condensed version of the worlds knowledge in a short period of time, in my case it was 12 years.
I believe that you only learn what interests you. My biggest disinterest was science. Chemistry, physics, biology all went over my head. The text books were in a language that wasn’t fully explained by the teacher and so I never absorbed the information.
Twenty  years or so ago, I became an Amway distributor. They had a range of  truly organic  vitamin supplements.
To be truly organic there must not be any chemicals used within a 1000 square miles of your crop. Nutralite which is an Amway subsidiary paid the farmers all around them not to use growth hormones and pesticides. They were at the time the biggest grower of the acerola cherry, which holds the most vitamin C of any plant and is an ingredient in most vitamin C supplements.
Whereas organic in this country means there wasn’t any chemicals used directly on the crop. Although the crop will be indirectly affected by polluted irrigation and the chemicals in the air from neighbouring farmland.
So I had these brilliant products that were selling by the truckload all over the world and sales literature coming out of my ears explaining everything.
But that was the problem. The sales literature wasn’t presented in a way that could be understood. It listed all the benefits, it told how the body needed this stuff, but it didn’t explain why.
Nutritionists and people in the know were the ones selling shed loads of this stuff, because they knew the science behind it.
My morals held me back. How could I try and sale something I didn’t understand? I would  become no more than a drug pusher, trying to convince people to self medicate.
Roll forward to now. I’m now a distributor for Wikaniko a UK award winning company specialising in eco-friendly products. To help with the science I’ve discovered a source of information that confirms and explains in detail and in layman’s terms how the body works, what it needs to function properly and how the products I now sell relate to the body’s functionality.
The video below, is the beginning of a long journey in discovery. Illness, disease, minor ailments, are all explained in depth, along with practical solutions back to health and you can cherry pick the information you want here.


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