Doctor Bergman’s video channel, where he discusses ways to combat ailments and disease without drugs.

I’ve searched high and low to find a British version of the content John Bergman freely publishes, it’s not as though our medical profession doesn’t know this stuff; and I’m sure there are some switched on practitioners who use it for the good of their patients, but they are in the minority.

I used to be an Amway distributor and at the time they had a range of organic supplements, an absolute brilliant product, but as a layman trying to sell these was tough because the science behind the good of these products was beyond me and the Internet wasn’t around back then.
A salesman not understanding his product is just a guy spouting gibberish.

So this time around with Wikaniko products  I decided to find an authoritative person to help back up and explain the science stuff. Doc Bergman’s videos fit the bill exactly.

Why isn’t there any British comparable content?


Because there’s no money to be made out of it.

It’s only really been a decade, maybe two, since the conventional medical practitioners have taken on board and started to mix alternative therapy along with their drug pushing, be it in a very small way. Mostly they encourage healthy diets, exercise and push chemical laden supplements. They also within this time frame realised that they were unable to treat back problems solely with their pills and welcomed chiropractors into their fold.

So why isn’t there a British equivalent of Dr. Bergman on Youtube?

Simply because of numbers. The NHS bless it, provides 99% of healthcare in this country and is for all intents and purposes free for all and of course has been around since 1948, so no one knows any different.
The private sector is very small and caters for a very small part of the population. Hey you’re not going to pay when you can get it free right? Look at the near on riots that happened with the dentist debacle.
To make money the private sector is also tied into the drug companies as they can’t survive on charging fees alone.

So the flip side to that is  America. No health insurance no medical care. Insurance in any country is expensive. Family healthcare insurance in 2016 in America was around $25000.00 a year. It’s therefore a no-brainer that Americans are looking for alternatives.

There’s a huge amount of Americans who don’t have health insurance, or are reliant on low standard care provided  by Government subsidy.