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On the Isle of Wight we have numerous nursing establishments for the elderly, add on the rest of the UK and a sizeable chunk of the population are held prisoner in these God forsaken places.
No I’m not a fan of these institutions. We treat our elderly in this country abominably.
OK, I’m talking about the homes that get the inmates out of bed in the morning, wash them, feed them drug them and then sit them in a chair until the next meal time. They are the ill ones that are just waiting to die.
The not so ill ones like my Great Grandmother back in the 70’s and my Grandfather in the 80’s, thankfully, both had a good quality of life in one of these homes. They were both mobile; to the extent that in her 70’s my Grandmother would play football with me in the garden when we would go and visit her. I was about 4 or 5 years old at the time and it’s only in recent years that that struck me.
Both would often moan about their fellow inmates being inactive and just wanting to sit around all day.

Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s Disease

These are all common ailments that land the elderly in these places. They are treated with drugs that are ineffective and actually enhance the condition. They are also ailments that can be avoided.
Brain health by Doctor John Bergman in these videos explains all.
If you care about your elderly relative, or if you just want to keep hold of some sort of inheritance and not lose it to healthcare, you need to watch these videos.


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