New 5:2 Diet Explained

New 5:2 Diet? Yes it’s been updated and you’re going to love the changes.

The original 5:2 diet was based around a two day fast each week where men ate 600 calories or less on those two days and women ate 500 calories or less.

The Science Behind the

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Researchers are figuring out how to generate solar energy from paint

This story was originally published by Fusion and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.

Researchers at RMIT University in Australia have developed a solar paint that could offer endless supplies of clean energy. The paint captures water vapor from the surrounding air, and then uses energy … Read the rest

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The unsustainable whiteness of green

Aaron Mair’s story starts out all too familiar to people of color who have encountered any of the big green groups: He asked one for help dealing with an issue of critical importance to the health of his family and community — and was turned away.

This was back in … Read the rest

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9 Things Grateful People Believe

*This post was originally published at the end of 2015. Since this was around the time I decided to create my newly launched gratitude journal, it seemed fitting to share it again today!

“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more.” ~Melody Read the rest

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Why We Procrastinate and How to Finally Do What You’ve Been Putting Off

“Low key change helps the human mind circumnavigate the fear that blocks success and creativity.” ~Robert Maurer

I’m currently working on my doctoral dissertation. It’s something I’ve been working on for many years. It’s something that I deeply believe in and want to complete, but I’m also the mom of … Read the rest

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How to Make Basil Pesto

The best basil pesto recipe—learn all my tricks here!

It’s hot outside, so let’s to talk about basil pesto! Have you made it yet? Pesto is one of my absolute favorite, ultra-flavorful sauces, and it seems way fancier than it actually is. You can serve pesto on pasta or zucchini noodles, pizza, sandwiches and much more.

pesto ingredients

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‘I had a meatmare’: Why flesh haunts the dreams of vegetarians


One night, it came to me in my dreams, dripping juice and melted cheddar, the crisp lettuce a mere afterthought. I held it in my hands and took a bite.

Instant horror: I stared at the burger like it was an alien object as the realization that I’m a … Read the rest

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A Question Of Convenience

What have the following all got in common?

  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Download Festival
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • Reading & Leeds
  • V Festival: Chelmsford & Staffordshire
  • Boomtown Fair
  • Latitude
  • Bestival
  • Secret Garden Party
  • Fairport’s Cropredy Convention
  • Kendal Calling
  • Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival
  • Beautiful Days
  • Festival No. 6
  • Green Man
  • Camp
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“She hugs it and she takes it everywhere she goes.”

The dog had lived at a garbage dump for a year and a half.

She’d survived by eating scraps of discarded food and by licking muddy puddles to get a little bit of water. But the dog, a Korean Jindo named Danpoong, never had a completely full belly.

Free … Read the rest

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A Simple Homemade Whole Grain Mustard Recipe


When we first started making our own condiments, a mustard recipe was one of the first we tackled.

It is incredible how easy it is to make homemade mustard. And once you have the technique down you can vary it however you like!

One of our favorite varieties is

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