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Delicate white cotton flowers on a wooden board

Does it matter if Cotton is Organic?

There are a lot of simple changes we can make to our habits that can instantly make us more eco friendly, some of the things that we do might have an environmental impact far outside our immediate environment, effect a change we may never see or experi…


Beeswax Food wraps

We were introduced to the concept of Beeswax food wraps by a couple of our lovely team members a little while back, and naturally we had to give them a try.
If you have not heard of them before, here is a quick low down on what they are and what they …


Suncare that cares for every one?

Hawaii and the Caribbean island of Bonaire recently passed a law banning the use of sunscreen containing chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs. So why the fuss over something that people are using on their skin to protect it from the damaging effec…

Plastic Free July

Plastic Free July

Yesterday marked the start of this year’s Plastic Free July. But if you have not signed up for this yet, fear not, as it is not too late! You will find the link to do so a little further down. But first, if you do not know what Plastic Free July is al…


The Trouble With Tomorrow

When I was little and my mum asked me to do something, perhaps my homework! I would often reply, “yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow”
“But tomorrow never comes!” She would say.  “Of course it does!” I would thin…


Single Use Wipes

Single use wipes are the next product that has been brought to the general publics attention for its impact on the environment.  Most of the attention seems to have been focused on baby wipes, but the single use wipe market is actually huge, a…

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