We were introduced to the concept of Beeswax food wraps by a couple of our lovely team members a little while back, and naturally we had to give them a try.
If you have not heard of them before, here is a quick low down on what they are and what they do.
They are squares (usually) of cotton coated in beeswax, natural tree resin and jojoba oil. And what they do is, well, pretty cool actually!  They replace cling film, kitchen foil and sandwich bags etc for many many uses. (They can’t be used in the microwave or oven)
Things we have been using them for at home;
–         To cover left overs
–         To wrap things like cheese once opened or if too much has been grated.
–         To keep cut fruit fresh (they are really good at this! So far tested on an apple, a watermelon and a pear that my 2 year old took one bite of before deciding she wanted a banana!)
–         For sandwiches. They have come in so handy over the summer for days out Not only have they done a great job of taking care of our sandwiches, they have also provided a clean eating surface for lunch!
–         To keep bread fresher once cut.
–         To wrap a bar of soap in to take on holiday
–         To wrap our toothbrushes in to take on holiday
I was afraid that they might be a bit of a faff to use, with the washing up and storing etc. But they are a breeze, just a quick rinse /wipe in some warm soapy water and good to go again and I genuinely haven’t found it any extra effort.
They actually seal to themselves or the bowl etc really well (unlike cling film which seems to stick to everything but what you want it to actually stick to!)
So given their success at home, we couldn’t very well not bring them to the Wikaniko shop so that all of you lovely folk could benefit from them too.
They should last for about a year – we haven’t had ours that long yet so cannot confirm or deny , but are still going strong after a couple of months of heavy use.  And when they are able to wrap no more, you can compost them!
They are made with organic cotton, local beeswax (local to Cambridge which is fairly local to Wikaniko HQ too) and organic jojoba oil.
They are made in the UK, and are sustainable and ethical right the way through from raw materials to production.  As well as that Beebee wraps, the company who makes them, work on several projects that are supporting bee populations.  So are certainly the kind of company we like to work with.  Also if that wasn’t enough the wraps are really pretty and smell great!
They are a helpful versatile way to reduce your waste and plastic use with very little effort, if you are looking for an easy eco swap you can’t go far wrong with these!

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