Travel Light

Peak travel season is upon us.

There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of travel from relaxing to adventure, discovery and quality time with those you love.

As a modern day holiday maker, explorer or adventurer though there is an extra responsibility on our shoulders to ‘leave no … Read the rest

The world’s only 100% renewable detergent

Have you ever gone to put a load of laundry in your washing machine … and then realised you’re out of detergent?? It happens to the best of us!

Washing powders, laundry liquid and the ubiquitous laundry liquitabs can hurt our pockets in more ways than one.
You know, … Read the rest

Should we be thinking smaller?

Today is world environment day. The UNs main squeeze for getting everyone to be more aware of the worlds environment
and the struggles it is facing.

There’s no doubt that this is important and we should be aware of what is going on in our world. (Really going on, not … Read the rest

Sometimes it’s the simple things

It’s pretty safe to say that consumerism in general is a pretty selfish practice right? And it is a habit that pretty much all of us has fallen into over the last several decades.  As Ariana Grande so eloquently puts it “ I see it, I like it, I want … Read the rest

10 reasons to plant a tree

One small action you can take which has a huge positive environmental impact, is to plant a tree. (or more than one if you can!)

But if you can find space in your garden for one tree, that is amazing.

Here are some great benefits trees;

  1. They are good for
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Why I can’t call this a ‘Life Hack’

You know there are some words or sayings that for reasons unknown just get your back up?

I have a few…Lush, is one of the top ones.  Oddly I don’t take issue with it when used in its original context… “the jungle was so lush and green” That, I can … Read the rest

But it’s so convenient!

But it’s so convenient!

And that right there, dear reader is the problem.  I’m not going to lie to you, this has been a tricky post to write because it would be very easy to write it in such a way to leave you picturing me walking down the street … Read the rest

12 Simple Swaps To Save The World

12 Simple things you can do right now to save the world and be part of the solution.

I mean, you don’t have to change them right this second but over the next few weeks or months would be Amazing!

  1. Eat less meat.  Studies show that the number one

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12 Simple Swaps To Help Save The World

12 Simple things you can do right now to help save the world and be part of the solution.

I mean, you don’t have to change them right this second but over the next few weeks or months would be AMAZING!

It sounds a bit crazy right? As if its Read the rest

A sign that massive change is just around the corner?.

I believe – like from the tips of my fluffy bamboo socks believe – that massive change, the like of which we need to see at the moment, starts with you, and me.  It starts with individuals, individually doing a little that collectively adds up to a great, huge, lot.… Read the rest

Does it matter if Cotton is Organic?

There are a lot of simple changes we can make to our habits that can instantly make us more eco friendly, some of the things that we do might have an environmental impact far outside our immediate environment, effect a change we may never see or experience. But that does … Read the rest

Beeswax Food wraps

We were introduced to the concept of Beeswax food wraps by a couple of our lovely team members a little while back, and naturally we had to give them a try.

If you have not heard of them before, here is a quick low down on what they are … Read the rest

Suncare that cares for every one?

Hawaii and the Caribbean island of Bonaire recently passed a law banning the use of sunscreen containing chemicals that are harmful to coral reefs. So why the fuss over something that people are using on their skin to protect it from the damaging effects of the sun?

It has actually … Read the rest

Plastic Free July

Yesterday marked the start of this year’s Plastic Free July. But if you have not signed up for this yet, fear not, as it is not too late! You will find the link to do so a little further down.
But first, if you do not know what Plastic Free … Read the rest

The Trouble With Tomorrow


When I was little and my mum asked me to do something, perhaps my homework! I would often reply, “yeah, I’ll do it tomorrow”

“But tomorrow never comes!” She would say.  “Of course it does!” I would think “It will be here as soon as today finishes… obviously. God, … Read the rest

Single Use Wipes


Single use wipes are the next product that has been brought to the general publics attention for its impact on the environment.  Most of the attention seems to have been focused on baby wipes, but the single use wipe market is actually huge, according to Smithers Pira, the global … Read the rest

A Greener Period

This week we are talking periods.  Now, even if you are not someone that has them, chances are pretty high you know someone that does. A wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, after all, there are about 1.9 billion of us in the menstruating phase of our lives – … Read the rest

Simple Changes Series – Bags

Our blog posts seem to have taken on a bit of theme of late, so I have decided to call them the simple changes series, because that is what they seem to be, a series of simple changes you can make to make your home a greener and hopefully healthier … Read the rest

Eco Spring Cleaning – The recipes

Following on from our last post about switching up your eco cleaning products we have had some requests for recipes.  So I have listed some below for you.  These are not of my own devising, although we do use some of them at home, but they have all been sourced … Read the rest

Spring Cleaning (Even if Spring is AWOL!)

In previous posts we have looked at how changing the products you use to do your laundry can have a dramatic effect on; you, the environment and your purse/wallet.  So to continue our theme, we are going to look at another easy place to make simple changes that have … Read the rest

Bamboo – The Wonder Plant

No doubt you will have come across something made from Bamboo. It is perhaps the most versatile plant that I have come across, so versatile, it can be used to make anything from a house to a pair of socks! Whilst that fact on its own is pretty mind blowing, … Read the rest

Eco Laundry – Part 3 Stain Removers


Stains are big business in the laundry world, especially if you ever wear white, own a carpet or live within 5 miles of a child. Most washing detergents advertising is based around how good they are at removing stains, but there are also a plethora of stain removers on … Read the rest

Eco Laundry – Part 2

Originally I was going to include fabric conditioners in with the detergents in part 1, but it was getting very long! And really fabric conditioners need a space to themselves because, well, you’ll see!

Considering how long people have been washing clothes, fabric conditioners as we know them today

Read the rest

Eco Laundry – Part 1

Many people believe that eco practices need to be big bold statements, a complete 180 on the things they currently do, which scares people off the idea. This is a shame, I am a big believer in taking small steps, making small changes and it adding up to a

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Planted Skincare – A Revelation!

Over the past couple of months we have had the pleasure of trialing the range of skincare from Planted. Being able to try out new products is definitely one of the perks of what we do, but not just because we get to use the products, but we also get … Read the rest

Forest Bathing

Theres no doubt in my mind that the woods or forest is my spiritual home. I love the countryside, I love the beach, I even enjoy a walk up a mountain from time to time, but it is in the forest that I really feel my soul relax and my … Read the rest

The Family-iar War on Waste

There are times for everyone I am sure when the ‘ideal’ just goes out of the window, when all the best laid plans just refuse to come together. And you know what? That’s ok. What I personally have to pull myself up on is not letting that be an excuse … Read the rest

One Step At A Time

I am the world’s worst at beating myself up over small things. It’s a habit I am trying to let go of, but I do seem to rather delight in self critique. Even little things like going out to get some groceries and forgetting the shopping bags – never mind … Read the rest

Where it all began…well for us anyway!

It started with a conversation around the dinner table at my parents house. A conversation about an article that my mum had read about an Island made of plastic… “A what now?” ” An Island made entirely of plastic rubbish that has ended up in the sea, it’s all caught

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