A Question Of Convenience

What have the following all got in common?

  • Glastonbury Festival
  • Download Festival
  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • Reading & Leeds
  • V Festival: Chelmsford & Staffordshire
  • Boomtown Fair
  • Latitude
  • Bestival
  • Secret Garden Party
  • Fairport’s Cropredy Convention
  • Kendal Calling
  • Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival
  • Beautiful Days
  • Festival No. 6
  • Green Man
  • Camp
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Plastic Bags That Degrade In 18 Months

Plastic bags are everywhere, stuck in the hedgerows, blowing about the streets, floating about in streams and rivers. And the ones that end up in landfill sites take 400 odd years to degrade.

As a deterrent, retailers do now charge for carrier bags, but is only a deterrent when more … Read the rest

How The Body Works

The education system gives you a condensed version of the worlds knowledge in a short period of time, in my case it was 12 years.

I believe that you only learn what interests you. My biggest disinterest was science. Chemistry, physics, biology all went over my head. The text books … Read the rest

Women’s Health

Ladies,  I urge you to watch these videos. I for one didn’t realise that by having a mammogram exposes you to 10 times the radiation that a chest x-ray would subject you to.

I also didn’t realise that there is a high percentage of misdiagnosis, which has lead to women … Read the rest

Good Health From Rest

Along with a good diet and exercise your body needs rest. It is while you are asleep your body is able to concentrate on repair and maintenance.

Without sufficient rest it’s open season for health issues to manifest. In the following videos the importance of good sleep is explained, and … Read the rest

Your Toxic Environment

Your Toxic Environment

This site has numerous articles about personal health. Disease reversal through diet and exercise, eliminating chemical intake and so on.
Unfortunately you may as well be flogging a dead horse if the environment you live in is not chemical free.

The following comes from http://ethicalconsumer.org

Toxic Chemicals

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Here’s a real controversial subject. Anyone, and this includes me, who smokes is seen as a social leper, can’t smoke here, can’t smoke there. Cancer, heart disease, clogged arteries, the list is endless illustrations of which cover the packaging of your favourite brand in an attempt to scare you into … Read the rest

Brain Health

On the Isle of Wight we have numerous nursing establishments for the elderly, add on the rest of the UK and a sizeable chunk of the population are held prisoner in these God forsaken places.
No I’m not a fan of these institutions. We treat our elderly in this country … Read the rest

Juicing & Blending For Health

Drink yourself healthy.

We all know we should be getting our 5 a day of fruit and veg, but how important is it really?

In these 3 videos Dr. John Bergman explains how our supermarket diet is actually killing us.

In the blending video natural raw organic chocolate is used. … Read the rest

Asthma – COPD – Pneumonia

Watching someone having an asthma attack is scary. Especially when the steroid inhaler that’s supposed to help is doing nothing.

There’s a sketch by Spike Milligan, where he’s asked what his friend died of. His answer is ‘Shortness of breath’, which is exactly what my Mother died of due to … Read the rest

The Eco Egg

The natural detergent breakthrough

  1. Completely replaces washing detergent
  2. Long lasting
  3. Dermatologically tested
  4. The award winning Laundry Egg is a complete replacement for washing detergent. Just pop it in the drum of your washing machine – no powder, liquid, tablets or gels required.

The two types of mineral pellets inside the

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Lung Function

We take breathing for granted as it’s a natural body reflex. In the following videos find out how to deal with too common conditions like asthma and pneumonia.… Read the rest

Comfort Fabric Softener – Is It As Nice As You Think?

Soft towels, fluffy fleeces and synthetic fabrics don’t cling. What’s not to like? Well, try skin irritation, increased flammability and environmental pollution, just for starters. It seems the average bottle of fabric softener has a dark side!


5% cationic sufactants, perfume, butylphenyl methylpropional, hexyl cinnamal, alpha- isomethyl ionone, benzisothiazolinone, … Read the rest

Did you Know that Britain Exports Recycled Waste?

RECYCLABLE waste from British households is being sold across the globe. Nearly 13 million tons of paper, plastic and metal were shipped to 75 countries last year, including Guinea, Libya and Azerbaijan, according to Treasury documents obtained following a Freedom of Information request. With households now producing record amounts of … Read the rest

Are You Poisoning Your Pet?

A recent article alerted to me to the toxicity of one of the most frequently prescribed anti-flea treatments for pets – Frontline. On the vets advice we previously used this product on our cat and another treatment is due soon. So I thought I had better do some research on … Read the rest