21 Natural Ways To Feel Better While You Are Sick

These 21 tips will help you feel better when you’re sick. They’re not necessarily remedies, but ways you can feel better and stay comfortable while sick.

I’ve been sick for the better part of five days now. No herbal remedy

How To Make Liquid Soap That is Natural & Amazing

After learning how to make liquid soap I worked to simplify and perfect my recipe. It’s all-natural and works great as a shampoo, body wash, hand soap, and even dish soap!

Summer is almost here and school is out, …

Incredible, Edible Slime! A DIY Edible Slime Recipe

Many homemade slime recipes are not made to eat but our edible slime recipe is non-toxic and chemical-free! Add flavors and colors to make it how you like!

Kids love slime. And by kids, I mean anyone from young kids …

Learn How to Make Natural Soap For Face and Body

Learn how to make soap from veteran soap maker, Debra Maslowski. Her natural, homemade soap making process is simple, versatile, and teaches many every year!

How to Make Soap

Homemade soap making is my number one passion, so if I …

Making Homemade Bubble Solution For The Kids!

This homemade DIY bubble solution recipe uses all-natural ingredients and promises hours of fun for the kids. Be sure to include them when making it too!
As the cold winter days start turning warmer, kids of all ages want to …

Making Maple Syrup and Other Types of Tree Syrup

While it’s easy to make maple syrup, it is surely time-consuming. We go over the process and also teach you about a bunch of other trees to tap for syrup!
Learn how to make maple syrup, along with all the

Yummy, Protein-Rich Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

This naturally-sweetened chocolate peanut butter balls recipe yields delicious, guilt-free, and protein-rich treats for you to enjoy or give away as gifts.

I love it when the spring candy treats come out, especially peanut butter hearts and eggs. But like …

Quick and Easy Way to Help Dogs to Take Their Pills

Learn how to get a dog to take a pill! Unfortunately, we all get sick, even our pets. This quick and easy method works for both solid and liquid medication.

It’s not often that I have to give my dog …

A Gentle and Effective Homemade Face Cleanser

Soap-based face wash strips the skin of beneficial oils causing imbalances and underlying skin issues. This homemade face cleanser solves those problems.

Sometimes I feel like I need a bit more than soap and water to remove my make up. …