A Simple Effective Spray That Repels Ants Naturally

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This natural ant repellent uses essential oils for ants and it works well. It is simple, inexpensive, and safe for use indoors and out. Use with confidence!

Anytime it’s warm out, that means ants.
In the house, on the porch, and practically around every corner I turn, I find ants crawling around. They follow scent trails leading to crumbs and other food sources. Naturally, where there is one ant, you will find another.
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Commercial Ant Repellents

Since ants can live both inside and outside the home, it is really important to choose an ant repellent that is natural AND effective. Many store-bought varieties are not only toxic, but they are dangerous to have around children and pets. Not to mention your eating areas or living space.
Chemicals in commercial pesticides include:

  • Neonicotinoids – A toxic chemical that can be absorbed by the skin.
  • Avermectin This chemical is toxic to the nervous system and during pregnancy.
  • Fipronil – oxic to ingest
  • Organophosphates and carbamate – These are toxic to children, neurotoxic, and possible carcinogens.

Personally, I’d rather not spray any of these in my home. With ants, as with the famous saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s why we developed this natural ant repellent spray!

How to Prevent Ant Problems Indoors

The best way to rid yourself of ants is to avoid getting them in the first place! Some great ways to prevent ants in your home include:

  1. Sealing all cracks in walls or flooring
  2. Frequent vacuuming/sweeping of floors
  3. Clean pet eating areas frequently
  4. Tightly seal all food items not stored in the refrigerator
  5. Empty garbage frequently

If you’ve tried all these tips and you are still getting ants, I have a great, natural ant repellent recipe that will help dissolve any food trails.
This recipe is super easy and it uses only two essential oils: clove bud essential oil and peppermint essential oil.

Clove Bud Essential Oil

This oil is spicy, strong, and warming. It is an effective natural ant repellent because its strong scent masks the smell of the food trail. I’ve even read accounts where people claim that clove bud essential oil kills ants on contact. Clove bud essential oil is very potent and feels warm when applied to the skin, so I definitely believe that it could kill ants on contact.
In fact, a study of clove essential oil’s effectiveness as a natural ant repellent showed it a 100% ant mortality within 6 hours, and it repelled 99% within 3 hours of application.[1] That’s awesome!
Also, many commercial natural insect repellents include clove bud essential oil as one of their main active ingredients. So I say skip the middle man and make your own.
Note: Caution should always be used when working with clove bud essential oil as it is not suitable for pregnant women or those suffering from liver disease. In these cases, have someone else do the mixing and spraying for you.

Peppermint Essential Oil

This is also a great essential oil for ants and perfect for our natural ant repellent spray.[2] It is common knowledge that peppermint essential oil is great for ridding the home of ants and other pests. Peppermint essential oil is also cooling and stimulating.
Many people will simply soak a cotton ball in peppermint essential oil and place around the house to prevent ants. This also works well to prevent mice and as a substitute for mothballs in your dresser.

Natural Ant Repellent That Works!

This natural ant repellent uses essential oils for ants and it works well. It is simple, inexpensive, and safe for use indoors and out. Use with confidence!

  • 35 drops clove essential oil
  • 35 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 4 oz water
  1. Mix essential oils and water in a medium spray bottle.
  2. Shake well.
  3. Spray baseboards, porches, and anywhere you see ants with the solution.
  4. Repeat if necessary.
Remember to always shake the bottle before use. Essential oils will separate between uses.
I always use a dark colored spray bottle to prevent the oils from oxidizing, but your oils will stay fine if you store your spray bottle in a dark, cool place in between uses.
Do not use this spray on the skin because the oils are very strong and could cause burning or tingling.

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A Simple Effective Spray That Repels Ants Naturally was written by Katie Vance.

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