A sign that massive change is just around the corner?.

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I believe – like from the tips of my fluffy bamboo socks believe – that massive change, the like of which we need to see at the moment, starts with you, and me.  It starts with individuals, individually doing a little that collectively adds up to a great, huge, lot.
When we do that, businesses, then governments start to take notice. Businesses go out of business if they don’t serve customer demands, and the governments want successful business and happy non riotous citizens (most of the time!)
The more action that is taken by business then the easier it becomes for more and more individuals to make and stick to changes in their shopping habits/lifestyles, which leads to more people making changes, which leads to more businesses making more changes and ta-da massive change!
There are more and more signs that the business world is taking heed. The latest is M&S.
They launched a trial last week that saw them introduce 90 lines of Fruit and Vegetables in their Tolworth store that have no plastic packaging.
Whilst this includes the more obvious choices like carrots and bananas, it also includes soft fruits like strawberries, which will be available in plastic free compostable punnets.

  • They have also removed Best Before dates from the fruit and veg as part of the trial, attempting to help curb the amount of food wasted.
  • As well as removing plastic barcode stickers in favour of a more eco friendly alternative and swapping out plastic produce bags for paper ones.
  • They have already removed all plastic cutlery and straws from their cafes across the country.

To help make the most of this initiative they will also have trained greengrocers on the shop floor, available to help customers with the picking and weighing, but also with advice on how best to sore items to prolong their life and how to avoid food waste.
I hope that consumers really get behind and support this 3 month trial so that not only will M&S make it standard practice in all of its stores, but other supermarkets start to follow suit.
M&S aim to become a zero-waste business by 2025, and this would be a great stepping stone on the way to achieving that.
Is this the kind of initiative that you could get behind and support? Do you already use a plastic free shop?  We’d love to know!

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