A Natural Homemade Healing Lip Balm Recipe

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Lip Balm Recipe

Lip Balm Recipe: Simple and Natural

Over the past few weeks the weather has turned cold, snowy, and absolutely bitter. It is the kind of weather that seems to freeze away all moisture, especially from my skin.
I find that my hands and lips often take the brunt of this cold weather. They often need some intensive moisture therapy to help heal their cracked and dry skin.
This year seems particularly hard on my lips. No matter how much lip balm I apply, they just get more dry! While I normally make this lip balm recipe, I recently purchased some from the store. It looked like it would work wonderfully (with a promised amazing flavor too!), but it just wasn’t doing the job.
After looking at the ingredients I could see why. It was a petroleum based lip balm, packed with fragrance, flavor, and parabens. While it contained some wonderful natural ingredients, it also contained mineral oil, alcohol, and paraffin. Not really the kind of ingredients that will heal lips.

Healing Ingredients for Lips

Needless to say, I had to make an ultra-healing solution to my problem. I gathered a few household items and got to work. This recipe is very simple, but very effective. Just four ingredients, but each one really packs a punch.
Beeswax – This is always a good base for a lip balm recipe because it makes it hard and smooth. Not to mention beeswax is antibacterial and a wonderful natural skin protector. It provides a barrier so that skin stays naturally moisturized. Most beeswax is also lightly honey scented, providing a subtle sweet aroma.
Coconut oil – This is my second go-to ingredient for lip balms. It’s affordable, has a great consistency, and melts when it meets skin. It is antibacterial, anti-fungal, and moisturizes extremely well. Coconut oil also has a high percentage of medium chain fatty acids which are amazing for skin.
Olive oil – Olive oil helps this lip balm formula to be softer and smoother. It has been used in so many DIY beauty recipes because it is affordable and an excellent moisturizer. It also contains oleic acid which helps moisture permeate skin layers.
Vitamin E – The secret ingredient in this lip balm is Vitamin E oil. Most people know about this little vitamin and the wonders it does for hair, skin, and nails. It is an antioxidant that helps destroy free radicals, giving it many anti-aging properties. It works extremely well to restore moisture to skin.
You can purchase liquid Vitamin E to add to your DIY beauty recipes. You can also puncture the liquid Vitamin E capsules, but I find it much easier to buy one ounce vials of the liquid. Just be careful that your Vitamin E is 100% pure, without any other added oils.
There’s nothing else to this recipe. It is so easy to make, and with just a few ingredients I had almost 20 tubes of lip balm! Talk about a great value. My husband even takes one of the lip balm tubes to work with him to apply to dry areas of cracked skin on his hands.

Intensive Healing Lip Balm Recipe

(makes about 20 tubes of lip balm)



  1. Combine all ingredients in a microwave safe container. (I use a small pyrex measuring cup with a spout.)
  2. Microwave for 1 minute.
  3. Stir well to mix.
  4. Microwave another 1-2 minutes or until beeswax is completely dissolved.
  5. Carefully pour into lip balm tubes (I needed 20 tubes) or other heat resistant storage containers (like these small tins).

That’s it! I always prefer a harder lip balm, so I chose to make mine with .5 ounces of olive oil. I’ve made the same recipe with 1 ounce of olive oil and it turns out much softer, but still wonderfully moisturizing.

Katie Vance

About Katie Vance

Katie is a wife, mother, blogger, aromatherapist, soapmaker, and lover of all things DIY. She blogs at The Wise Wife. You can also find Katie on Google+.

A Natural Homemade Healing Lip Balm Recipe was written by Katie Vance.

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