7 Benefits Of Zen Music For Stress Relief And Meditation (According To Experts)

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From helping you meditate to reducing your stress, here are the seven benefits of Zen music.
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In this article:

  1. It Promotes Deeper Meditation
  2. It Improves Your Sleep
  3. Zen Music Can Help Decrease Pain
  4. It Encourages Focus
  5. It Reduces Your Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression
  6. It Enhances Your Digestion
  7. Zen Music Can Assist in Reducing the Effects of Trauma

7 Ways Zen Music Makes Your Life Significantly Better

What is Zen music? It is a type of music that helps empty the mind, bring attention to the present, and introduce calmness and peace. It derives its name from a Japanese type of Buddhism that focuses on meditation and intuition.

1. It Promotes Deeper Meditation

When you talk about Zen music, meditation won’t be far behind. Meditation is a practice of intentionally bringing your thoughts to the present for a variety of reasons.
It’s a lot easier said than done. It’s not unusual for thoughts to wander, especially for beginners.
In fact, many people end up daydreaming or letting their thoughts overtake the practice. In turn, it takes a while before they can fully maximize the benefits of meditation.
Zen music helps bring a person to a deeper part of meditation. Urban Monk Zen audio tracks, for example, use sounds that induce the brain’s alpha waves.
Compared to beta waves, which the brain creates when it’s active or being logical and controlling, alpha waves are of lower frequency but promote more intense relaxation even while you’re still awake.

2. It Improves Your Sleep

Sleep is an essential body function. It helps replenish your energy, promote healing and recovery, and sharpen your focus.
The problem is when you’re under stressful situations, sleep can be hard to come by. Sleep deprivation can also make you more sensitive to the effects of stress.
You may be able to deal with a lack of sleep and stress with supplements such as Relax & Unwind. It can help normalize your sleeping patterns by decreasing the activities of the brain.
The other is through Zen meditation music. A study revealed it encourages good sleep by blocking both external and internal stimuli.
It may also stimulate sleep because it impacts the parasympathetic nervous system. It is a division of the autonomic nervous system that helps slows down the heart rate, among others.

3. Zen Music Can Help Decrease Pain

woman listening to music | Benefits of Zen Music for Stress Relief and Meditation (According to Experts) | zen music | meditation music
Music can alleviate emotional pain, but it may also work on physical pain. Both chronic stress and chronic pain can have similar symptoms. A 2014 study showed it may help patients suffering from chronic pain like fibromyalgia.
How does Zen music do it? One, it may stimulate the brain to create opioids, which gives you a natural high and works similarly as morphine without the medications.
Second, it may divert your attention from the source of pain and into the music itself.
Last, music can stir pleasant or happy memories, which make you less receptive to pain.
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4. It Encourages Focus

You can lose focus for many reasons, and sometimes, it’s not even your fault. Thyroid issues, for instance, may lead to brain fog.
Brain fog can be frustrating, and it can increase your levels of stress. Stress, meanwhile, can take away your focus or attention to what’s essential at the moment.
When you’re having a hard time being precise and alert at school or in the workplace, listen to calming music instead.
Zen music such as binaural beats may help improve focus in the following ways:
What are binaural beats? They are the third sound the brain identifies when you listen to two different frequencies on each ear.

  • It brings your brainwaves to lower frequencies, such as alpha, which are more relaxing.
  • Listening to music that mimics the beating of the heart may slow down your breathing.
  • It can mask intelligible words that force you to listen to what the other is saying than concentrating on your work.

5. It Reduces Your Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

When you have symptoms of anxiety and depression, it may be essential to get professional help. Therapists can show you some techniques that can help you cope or treat your condition.
You can also help yourself by listening to Zen music. An instrumental song called “Weightless” was so effective that it reduced anxiety by 65%.
Meanwhile, a 2013 experiment showed that music, especially one with nature-oriented sounds or classical, can help people cope with stress better. They can bounce back faster, and music may decrease the production of stress hormones such as cortisol.

6. It Enhances Your Digestion

woman listening to music while eating | Benefits of Zen Music for Stress Relief and Meditation (According to Experts) | zen music | what is zen music
Do you know your digestive system can also react with stress? For example, you tend to eat more when you’re trying to beat a deadline or lack sleep.
You may also notice how you can experience an upset stomach when you’re trying to multitask or dealing with stressful events in your life.
All these are not coincidences. When you’re under stress, your body goes through a lot of changes:

  • It may direct blood flow away from your stomach and the gut to organs relating to fight-or-flight such as the heart.
  • There may be changes in the gut bacteria composition, which your negative emotions can trigger.
  • Stress can increase the production of ghrelin, the hunger hormone. It explains why you end up eating more when you are exhausted.

To decrease the effects of stress on your digestion, you can listen to meditation music before you eat. It helps calm your body and avoid binge eating.
It may even promote mindful eating, a type of meditation that makes you more aware of the food you eat. You are more likely to choose healthy meals even when times are stressful.

7. Zen Music Can Assist in Reducing the Effects of Trauma

A person may experience physical or emotional trauma at least once in their lives, and it may be enough to cause post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
What is PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder is a mental health disorder characterized by intrusive and repetitive thoughts, overwhelming anxiety and fear, and intense negative reactions. These may include anger, guilt, and shame.
It may be acute or chronic, but either way, it can significantly reduce the quality of life. You may practice avoidance, which affects your social connection and other personal choices.
A 2017 study highlighted the role of music therapy in treating PTSD. Zen meditation music can lower the symptoms of anxiety and stress.
It may also activate the areas of the brain that regulate rewards, pleasure, and motivation. Music may foster social relationships and bring about happy memories and images that elicit positive emotions.
There’s no shame in battling stress and anxiety, but you can learn to cope with them. Zen music is one of the tools you can use to do it.
It helps bring your attention to the here and now. It is a space where everything may not be perfect, but you can still be okay and thrive.
How important is music to your health and well-being? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.
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