3 Important Facts You Need to Know to Improve Your Gut Health

Ever heard the expression: happy wife, happy life?

Well, leading a happy life may have more to do with your gut health than the happiness of your partner. In fact, your gut can influence many more aspects of your life than most people realize.

How can your gut affect the quality of your life?

And what can be done to improve this vital element of overall health?

We answer these questions and more in this post by directing your attention to 3 crucial facts that you need to know in order to have a happy gut.

The 3 Gut Health Principles You Need to Know

Before you can improve your gut health, there are three crucial principles that you must understand. These lay the foundation for any action you may take to improve your gut health.

1. Your Gut is an Ecosystem

The first principle is that your gut is an ecosystem.

Yes, an ecosystem.

Just like the ones you learned about in biology class where the deer eat the grass, the lions eat the deer, and all the poop fertilizes the soil. Each individual is connected to a complex circle of life.

Your gut is exactly like that, only your gut has trillions of individual beings roaming around instead of a handful of lions and deer. The food you eat feeds these bacteria, who in turn digest your food for you.

By eating certain kinds of foods, you allow certain types of bacteria to gorge, get fat, and multiply, and other bacteria to wither away. Thus, the gut ecosystem is constantly responding to the food you eat and other fluctuating external stimuli.

The entire system is a delicate, ever-changing, living organism and it lives inside of you!

2. Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gut Go Well Beyond the Stomach

Considering its complexity, it’s no wonder that the gut ecosystem can cause so much havoc if disturbed. The symptoms of an unbalanced gut ecosystem extend far beyond an upset stomach and can include:

  • Brain fog, fatigue or headaches
  • Skin rashes, acne or psoriasis
  • Cramping, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, or painful gas
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Frequent weight changes or weight abnormalities
  • Food sensitivity or cravings
  • Joint pain

Remember, the gut is a living ecosystem with trillions of individual bacteria existing in a delicate harmony. Your diet should maintain this balance to avoid unpleasant symptoms.

3. Psychological Factors Have A Role In Gut Health

Anxiety, dread, and butterflies of excitement are all felt in the gut.

Emerging research is showing that these psychological states each have a very real impact on the gut’s ecosystem. The connection between the gut and your mind has been dubbed the “gut brain connection” and it refers to the fact that the state of your gut can affect your mood and vice versa.

What Will You Do To Improve Your Gut Health?

Maintaining proper gut health is crucial for overall health and wellbeing.

Keeping in mind these three principles, you can better understand the way the gut works, and you can start to take steps toward improving your gut health.

We hope you don’t underestimate your gut when you’re feeling down or under the weather. Remember a happy gut, a happy life!

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