When Your Pup’s Got an Itch They Can’t Scratch…

Unfortunately, there’s no such thing as single-payer pet healthcare. And since they don’t have jobs, it’s up to you to decide when their ailments are serious enough to require vet visits… Or when there may be a topical fix at home.  The average price of a vet visit for a dog can range between $50 […]

A Guide to Consuming Bone Broth

Recently, we brought you an article on how bone broth can help heal an aching and damaged leaky gut. In case you missed the article, here are the broad strokes: The gelatin, broken down from the cartilage in the bones, feeds the mucous lining of the stomach. Broth is easier to digest than solid food, […]

5 Tummy-Turning Reasons to Get Serious About Sleep

It’s considered the hallmark of adulthood: “I’m so tired.”  Nap culture, staying-in-on-a-Friday culture, bragging-about-how-little-sleep-you-got culture is rampant in 2019. But have you ever thought about how your REM cycle affects your gut culture? Science is beginning to wake up to the relationship between your gut microbiome and the quality and quantity of sleep you’re getting. […]

Getting Right With Your Gut About Fiber

Aside from commercials featuring grandparents and their preferred fibrous cereal brands, it’s possible that the American public school system may have neglected their duty to fiber education. However, since we need roughly 20 to 35 grams of it daily… And it pretty much facilitates the ease of bowel movements and the second two phases of […]

American Air Quality Declines After 40 Year Improvement Trend

Since 1980, America’s air pollution has been steadily reverting back to clean air. And although we’re still 10th in a global list of clear skies (behind Canada, Australia, and several European countries), we may soon be booted from the top 10. You see, fine particulate pollution is our biggest problem.  Called “PM2.5” for short, since […]