12 Simple Swaps To Help Save The World

12 Simple things you can do right now to help save the world and be part of the solution.

I mean, you don’t have to change them right this second but over the next few weeks or months would be AMAZING!

It sounds a bit crazy right? As if its that easy?!…but it could be… Because in reality thats all it takes, enough people making small changes. And once you start..who knows where you’ll go!

You Make A Difference!

  1. Eat less meat.  Studies show that the number one thing that we can all do that will have the biggest positive impact on climate change is to eat less meat. We are so lucky that there are so many other options open to us, Veggie and Vegan are more “in” than “woo-woo” and as such recipes and inspiration abound – even ready meals if you feel so inclined.
    coffee cup

  2. Reuseable drinks Containers  In the UK we use 13BILLION plastic water bottles a year, and 2.5 BILLION single use coffee cups.  By getting a reusable water bottle and coffee cup you would certainly be part of the solution. Try these

  3. Avoid Single use Plastic. We are set to be known as the plastic age. Is it just me that finds that rather depressing, when you think of fruit & Vegall the other amazing stuff we have going on?  It can be a challenge getting out of the single use plastic habit but it is do-able. Refusing plastic straws, stirrers, buying loose fruit and veg , taking your own containers for meat, fish etc. Is a great place to start. Seeing if you have a refill shop or zero waste shop near you and switching your shop to there, is great too!

beebeeIn the UK we use 745,000 Miles of clingfilm a year, enough to go around the world 30x! A simple switch to Beeswax Wraps could save many of those miles.  You can find out more about them HERE.

  1. Swap Your toiletries. There are some great zero waste options for toiletries now available, from shampoo bars to toothpaste jars. The great news is that they are also *usually* made with more natural ingredients and fewer chemicals, making them better for you and the environment too. Try These or These.
    Switching your toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush is another great swap for the environment.

  2. Avoid Fast fashion. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet. And is a triple threat, being damaging to the land, the air and the water. Fast fashion creates a huge extra demand on resources that is simply unsustainable, and often exploits workers too. By opting for better quality items they last longer, look better and can easily be mixed and matched to give a timeless look.

  3. One man’s trash...is probably yours too, but if you see some pick it up. If you have some spare time you could see about collecting some litter near you, or if you are already walking combine it with a litter pick.  You and I both know that it is not glamorous or even a particularly appealing prospect. But you could literally be saving a life, like this one… or this one… I don’t know why people litter, if you do, please stop, there are things id rather be doing than picking it up!

  4. Make your laundry, cleaner. We have written extensively about how changing your laundry products can have a big environmental impact, so if me just saying switch up your laundry products for more environmentally friendly ones, (Like This… or These…) isn’t enough then you can read more about it HERE, HERE and HERE!

  5. Grow your Own. Any amount of fruit or veg you can grow at home is great. It adds some biodiversity to the lawn culture and it has been shown to improve health and happiness. As well as giving you some great tasting and fresh food. It is educational for children and has literally zero food miles.  If you don’t have a big garden then you can grow in pots (strawberries, potatoes, beans for example) if you don’t have a garden at all then you can grow some crops in window boxes (herbs, lettuce, spinach, strawberries for example)

  6. Cleaning Up.  How many cleaning products do you use around your home? How many chemicals are under your kitchen sink? With a few swaps to more eco friendly alternatives you can – Save money, cut the chemicals going into the water ways, reduce the air pollution in your home, which is often worse than outside!  Simple swaps like – white vinegar, a real wonder product. If you would like more info on this and the simple swaps you can make you can find it HERE and HERE.

  7. Go Wild. Help out wildlife in your area by setting aside some of your garden, for some wildflowers.  It seedball tincan be easily done just by scattering some Seedballs, they contain seeds, compost and natural pest deterrent to help as many seeds grow as possible.  You could also set up a some wildlife homes, using some stacked logs, bird houses or bug hotels. If you dont have room in your garden, or a garden at all, then you can always spread a little wildflower love out and about!

  8. Have a waste free period. Probably safe to say that this is nobodies favourite time of the month. But should the whole world suffer for it? (Not including your other half, they should of course suffer right along with you! 😉 )  The average woman uses 11,000 sanitary products in her lifetime and many of those products end up in our oceans and on our beaches. They also contain a surprising amount of plastic and synthetic fibres which are not always the best for your body. There are some great alternatives from Mooncups, to reusable pads to natural pads and tampons. To find out more Click Here.

  9. Single use wipes. A source of ‘hidden plastic’ in the home. Single wipes often end up in the environment by being flushed or blown away, and if sent to landfill will not decompose.  You can make your own reusable wipes, from old clothes or towels. Or you can buy biodegradable single use wipes like these (baby ,bathroom/kitchen and face)  

So there you go, whether you change one thing or 12, do all at once or one a month, you will have made a positive differnce and as cliched as it sounds, changed the world.

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