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11 Veggie Soups and Salads for March

March has arrived and it’s still freezing, but the days are brighter and longer so it all feels more hopeful and like we are moving further away from the winter.

While it’s still cold, we are all still craving soup, but it’s nice to include some salads and with that in mind I bring you No Croutons Required and the eleven delicious recipes bloggers have submitted for our eating pleasure during January and February.

recipe from Tinned Tomatoes
recipe from Lisa’s Kitchen
recipe from Caroline Makes
recipe from Green Gourmet Giraffe
recipe from Thinly Spread
recipe from The Veg Space
recipe from The Veg Space
recipe from Yumsome
recipe from Roast Chicken and a Country Walk
recipe from Fix Me A Little Lunch
recipe from Family Friends Food
I hope those recipes inspired you! Thanks to everyone who submitted a recipe. The next edition of No Croutons Required is open over at Lisa’s Kitchen. Pop over and submit a recipe or head over there at the end of the month for lots of lovely inspiration in the roundup.
Happy March everyone!



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