10 Essential Supplies for Your DIY Beauty Projects

This is a list of 10 great DIY project supplies for a wide variety of projects. From measuring to storage and more, I cannot live without these 10 things!

Must-Have Supplies for DIY Projects


A quality scale has been instrumental to me when making many DIYs. Most often I prefer my scale because it is a very accurate way to measure, especially when measuring in small quantities. Scales that measure out two decimal places are very helpful when making aromatherapy blends or for measuring small quantities of carrier oils or essential oils.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

One of the DIY project supplies I use constantly is my Pyrex measuring cups with spouts. I occasionally use them for measurement, but most often I use them for mixing and melting DIY project ingredients.

Stir Rods

Have you ever tried to stir melted beeswax with a spoon, only to have it solidify and be near impossible to get off? That’s exactly why I love my stainless steel stir rods. They are easy to clean and still make stirring possible. You can also buy glass ones.

Double Boiler

Truth be told, I don’t really use an actual double boiler. I do use a glass Pyrex measuring cup inside a small stainless saucepan of boiling water though. It works just as well, but if you would rather not have something that sits directly on the bottom of the pan, a double boiler is a good idea. From melting beeswax to making melt and pour soap, a double boiler (or a makeshift one) is definitely one of my must-have DIY project supplies.

Glass Jars

My husband laughs at me because I save so many glass jars. Often I’ll go digging through the recycle bin to find ones that will work well for a particular DIY. I’ve used spice jars, maple syrup jars, mason jars, recycled amber bottles, and just about everything in between. You never know

Lip Balm Tubes

Lip balm tubes are not just for lip balms! I love using them for solid perfumes, take along salves, and have even used them as makeshift aromatherapy inhalers. I used to use plastic lip balm tubes, but I have since fallen in love with cardboard tubes. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for anything from lip balm to deodorant.

Silicone Molds

Another of the DIY project supplies I use constantly are my silicone molds. My husband jokes that I have a mold for everything. You’ve probably seen me use them with melt and pour soaps, lotion bars, and holiday crafts. While they are often made for cooking, I prefer to buy food grade molds and keep them for DIYs because the products I make often go on our skin.

Oils and Butters

Most of my DIYs include some type of carrier oil or butter. I generally buy unrefined products that retain their natural scent and properties. Some of my favorites are mango butter, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, and camellia seed oil.

Essential Oils

Not every DIY I make contains essential oils, but I do work with them quite frequently. I love to add them to salves, perfumes, or soaps and often use them in many DIY freshening or skin nourishing recipes. As an aromatherapist, my collection of essential oils is quite large, but several of my favorites include lavender, sweet orange, black spruce, cedarwood, holy basil, Siberian fir, and lemon. Their application and versatility make them must-have DIY project supplies.


Having herbs on hand is something very important to me. This year I grew calendula, lavender, chamomile, spearmint, peppermint, elderberry, and lemon balm in my garden. Next year I plan to add even more herbs so that I only will need to purchase a few. You never know when the idea for a new DIY will strike you, so having a variety of herbs in your home apothecary will certainly come in handy.
What other essential DIY project supplies do you have?
10 Essential Supplies for Your DIY Beauty Projects was written by Katie Vance.

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