Welcome To Wight Can Eco

This site’s aim is to promote a healthier life style. Nothing radical and outlandish, just common sense stuff. 

We hear a lot about how we need to save the planet. But by taking care of ourselves first the planet will then also heal.

Everyday we fill our bodies with deadly toxins, whether purposely consumed through diet or absorbed through the skin from the products used in the bathroom, or to wash clothes.

I don’t claim to have all the answers and I’m certainly not in any way medically trained, but I do, I hope, I have the common sense to see that what appears on this site makes a lot of sense. 

Single Use Wipes

Single use wipes are the next product that has been brought to the general publics attention for its impact on the environment.  Most of the attention seems to have been focused on baby wipes, but the single use wipe market is actually huge, a…

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Simple Changes Series – Bags

Our blog posts seem to have taken on a bit of theme of late, so I have decided to call them the simple changes series, because that is what they seem to be, a series of simple changes you can make to make your home a greener and hopefully healthier pla…

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Eco Spring Cleaning – The recipes

Following on from our last post about switching up your eco cleaning products we have had some requests for recipes.  So I have listed some below for you.  These are not of my own devising, although we do use some of them at home, but they ha…

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Spring Cleaning (Even if Spring is AWOL!)

In previous posts we have looked at how changing the products you use to do your laundry can have a dramatic effect on; you, the environment and your purse/wallet.  So to continue our theme, we are going to look at another easy place to make simpl…

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